The Many Styles of Pocket Wedding Invitations

For couples looking for a modern touch, pocket wedding invitations may be their chosen style. Their contemporary look can be quite stylish with the added bonus of neatly organizing all the invitation insert pieces.

What is often overlooked is how many unique styles of pocket wedding invitations are available:

  • Translucent Pocket – The wedding invitation is folded to size so the front is slightly visible when it is inserted into the transparent pocket. Sometimes the pocket will even have a design printed on the front that will gracefully blend with the design showing through from the inserted invitation. With this style, the invitation cards are usually a tri-fold or z-fold design to fit the smaller pocket size.
  • Pocket Mailer – Also known as a self mailer, this style comes with an envelopment that holds your invitation card and has a bottom pocket for holding enclosure pieces. There is some customer assembly required in that the card will have to be attached to the envelopment usually with provided glue dots. Once assembled the envelopment wraps around your invitation to fold up into its own self-mailing piece adhered with a clear seal.
  • Pocket Wrap – This design also has an outer wrap to surround your invitation card and a pocket for holding enclosure cards but is inserted and mailed in a separate envelope. Depending on the invitation design, the pocket could be located at the bottom or on the side.
  • Side-by-Side Pocket Folder – This stylish folder wrap opens to reveal two equal side-by-side pockets, one for the invitation and the other for insert cards.

In some styles the jacket or pocket does not cover the whole invitation and actually reveals a portion of it as part of its unique design. The pocket itself may also have a decorative motif.

Many times pocket invitations will only include the mailing envelope versus traditional inner and outer envelopes. If the inner envelope is eliminated, you will need to list specifically who is invited from that household on the actual mailing envelope.

Whatever pocket wedding invitation style you may choose, it is important to note if that design will require extra postage due to being a larger size or having more weight to it. This possibility could be noted within the product description and weight will also increase when more inserts cards are included. Just to be sure, it is recommended you take one of your ready-to-mail wedding invitations to the Post Office to officially determine if extra postage is required.

As you can see, pocket wedding invitations come in varying designs so you are sure to find the perfect style fitting to your wedding.